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Career guidance is the process that helps individuals (students or professionals) to make appropriate choices in education and employment and to make career decisions based on the demand and demands of the future of the job. Career guidance helps individuals move from a general understanding of life and work to a more specific understanding of the realistic and practical career options available to them.

We all need advice sooner or later. When it comes to our careers, everyone hopes and desires the best. The part of life is that you have to work hard to get to where you hope and want to be. Career guidance refers to career advice and information that helps people, especially young people, decide on a career and also teaches them how to pursue the career they have chosen.

Know your Job offers you a page specially dedicated to bringing you some of the best articles on the advice and information you will need to make the right decisions. We also have information on career scope, eligibility and job prospects in various streams.

The most interchangeable terms are Career Guidance and Career Counselling. But can these terms really be used as an alternative? Let’s see what is the difference between career Guidance and career counselling in India.


What is the difference between Career Counselling and Career Guidance?

The distinction among career guidance and career counselling is that on one hand guidance is supporting people in reaching their favoured career dreams which includes appearing as a guide, leading and putting in place a course of action, while career counselling, now no longer very extraordinary from guidance, is a process which facilitates people in understanding and expertise themselves through career evaluation tests or psychometric assessments. In the career counselling procedure, an person’s interests, personalities, abilities and aptitudes are evaluated via a psychometric test, and on the premise of the report generated, the individual is guided towards a specific path or career path. While career counselling is generally recommended after 10th/ 12th or graduate level, people can move for career guidance at any point in lifestyles both to speak about their destiny dreams and career aspirations or to recognize the potentialities of the career they may be presently pursuing or different reasons.




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